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Breamore House

successful people are like sharks - they keep moving forward - never back

In Breamore, every student is expected to do their bit and participate in the many House events that run throughout the year, whether it be our Inter-House sports events, the House Music Festival or the Maths Challenge. These are great opportunities to showcase all of the various talents we have in Breamore.

As Head of Breamore I do all that I can, along with the great Tutor team, to make sure your children are happy in school and have all they need to achieve their true potential, while they are with us. Our standards are high and all Breamore students are expected to look their best, try their hardest and treat others with respect. I am very proud to represent such a talented and hard working group of students.

Aoife Smyth
Head of Breamore House


YOur Tutors

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Mr Evan Williams

Mrs Penny Winbolt

Miss Emma Russell

Your Tutors are your first port of call and are there to support you throughout your school career at Trafalgar.  You can always speak to your Tutor at Tutor time or email them with any worries or concerns you have, or indeed to share the fantastic things you do out of school!

Year 10

Mr Paul Oakley

Year 11

Mrs Lizzie Guasch

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