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Mrs. Faulkner’s Thought for the Week – 19th February

This week, as we start back for Term 4, our theme is We Work Hard. We obviously expect this of all our students, and our teaching and learning statement is Best Work First Time. All of this is easy to say but less easy to do consistently. There are times when all of use work hard and other times when we struggle to do that. The important thing is to value the importance of hard work and to appreciate the contribution it makes to our lives.

There is a famous quote from an American basketball coach, Tim Notke, which states” Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Many people think that if you have a talent for something then you will get on, whatever your input. Many people think if you do not have a talent you won’t get far in life. What this quote illustrates is that you can go either route to be successful, but in order to achieve your potential you need to work hard, whatever the raw ingredients you start with.

In school students are obviously expected to work hard which includes being equipped, being punctual, wearing their uniform with pride as well as completing classwork and homework well. The skills they learn in school can the also be applied to what they do out of school or conversely if they aspire to be a top level sports person, musician, actor or craftsman out of school they can apply those skills to their school work. It is a mind-set which as a teacher you can spot a mile off. Those people will be successful in whatever they choose to do because they realise the importance of hard work, determination and resilience. They know that their success depends on their actions.

Society today has rather sidelined the importance of hard work with our throwaway plastic society and our reality TV television boom. I really hope that one day soon we turn round and tell the TV companies that we have had enough of watching impossibly vacuous and or rich people talking about their not so interesting lives. Teenagers nowadays have this dream of reality TV sold to them from an early age with the suggestion that self- promotion is a necessity for life in 21st century, rather than talent or hard work. Most people will not be successful using that as a foundation because they will assume things will fall into their lap and their life will magically be successful. I am sure that these people have cultivated their image skilfully to make it look like anyone can do it, but actually behind them are a team of people creating their image and style to appeal to a wide audience of gullible viewers. And so it goes on…..

Hard work may be a less than fashionable suggestion to a teenager, but it creates the foundation of their future lives. No-one, especially today will create their luck for them. That has to come from them and their self- belief. Deciding what their core purpose will be is one of the scariest and exciting parts of being young. The whole world is spread out before them and they have the opportunity to choose their path. How far they get on that journey will be dependent on their level of hard work and the focus on their end goal.

As one of my favourite philosophers (!), Dwayne” The Rock” Johnson says,

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.


Have a great week, everyone.



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