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School nurse service

The School Nurse service are continuing to provide their Drop In service to all students. The School Nurse Drop In service runs every Monday 1.15pm to 2pm and is available to any student who would like confidential support or advice from the School Nurse about physical health, emotional health, stress and worries, healthy lifestyles, drugs and alcohol and much more.

These Drop In sessions will be by appointment system each Tuesday 1.15pm to 2.15pm.  Should a student wish to speak with a School Nurse they can either:

Email Rachael Faulkner, Deputy Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead, providing your name and contact number



Text the School Nursing Service Chat Health on 07480 635513 stating that you would like an appointment for the School Nurse Drop In for Trafalgar. The CHAT Health Service is run by the School Nursing team and may be able to support the young person without the need for face to face contact.  This can be discussed on an individual basis.

The School Nurse will then contact you and off an appointment - a choice of either a video or voice call appointment, within the Drop In time.

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Please be aware that this School Nurse Drop In service is a confidential service and the young person does not require parental consent.  Student confidentiality will be maintained unless there is any risk of harm to the student, or anyone else.  Should any parent have a concern about their child and want to speak to a School Nurse, they can do so by contacting the Wiltshire SPA (Single Point Access) on 0300 2470090.

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