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We are intuitive and self-aware.

We appreciate our surroundings.

Wick House is the newest member of the Trafalgar House family. Founded two years ago, we now have students in Years 7,8,10 and 11. From next year we will have a Wick tutor group in all year groups. It is a tremendous House of students to work with. We regularly achieve in all areas of the school from sport, music, curriculum, competitions and so much more. Watching our new Wickensians grow in confidence is one of the most inspiring and humbling parts of my job.

This year we are supporting the Firefighters' charity, who exist to help all serving and retired members of the UK's fire family to live healthier and happier. We have already kickstarted our fund raising in Key Stage 4 and I am looking forward to seeing the ideas from Key Stage 3 as the year progresses, culminating in the Great Big Walk in Activities Week.

I am so pleased to be the Head of Wick House , working with students who are kind, empathetic and caring, who really live up to our school values every day.

Ms Kaye Harrison

Head of Wick House

Your Tutors are your first port of call and are there to support you throughout your school career at Trafalgar.  You can always speak to your Tutor at Tutor time or email them with any worries or concerns you have, or indeed to share the fantastic things you do out of school!

IYear 7       Mrs Louise Williams

Year 8      Miss Isadore Cross-Ashworth

Year 10     Miss Gemma Clarke

Year 11     Mr Mark Whitelock

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