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Longford House

when you become fearless, life becomes limitless

As signified by our logo, we are a pride of lions, from our cubs in Year 7 to our strong and supportive leaders in Year 11.

We are:

  • Respectful of everyone in their opinions and beliefs

  • Fearless in the face of challenge

  • Limitless in our aspirations

  • Resilient when faced with setbacks or disappointments

  • Supportive of those in need.

This year we voted to support Youth Adventrue Trust which has been helping young people in Wiltshire and Swindon fulfil their potential, build resilience and lead positive lives in the future since 1992. Their outdoor adventure based Youth Adventure Programme enables young people to challenge themselves, experience success, grow in confidence and develop skills that will last a lifetime

We have a diverse and amazing range of talents among our pride: musicians, sports people, artists, writers and technology gurus to highlight but a few. This provides opportunities for us to shine in the many events and activities that are accessible through the curriculum and extracurricular participation that all Longfordians are encouraged to access.

Longford tutor team, along with our prefects help to make Longford a truly happy, supportive and inspirational house to be part of.


Teresa Jones
Head of Longford House

YOur Tutors

Your Tutors are your first port of call and are there to support you throughout your school career at Trafalgar.  You can always speak to your Tutor at Tutor time or email them with any worries or concerns you have, or indeed to share the fantastic things you do out of school!

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Dr Catherine Preshaw

Mr Richard Krzyzosiak

Miss Clemmie Charter

Miss Emma Sutton

Mrs Vicky Tonkin

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