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Pembroke House

we think before we speak, we look before we leap, we lead where others follow, be part of the wolf pack

Welcome to Pembroke House.

As a new Head of House I have been delighted by the warm welcome I have received from Pembroke Students. This is testament to the qualities of the students who care about how they present themselves to others and their commitment to wanting to reach their full potential whilst at Trafalgar School.

This year our House charity is Downton4Family, a local charity which supports children of families who are struggling financially in the Downton area. We will be looking to support them with our time as well as our money.

As Head of Pembroke, I look forward to working closely with all those in my House and expect 100% effort from all involved, including myself. Working alongside me are my fantastic team of tutors.

Pembroke House is a very close-knit community full of students who strive to achieve their very best.  Each day when they come to school, Pembroke students aspire to the following:

A Pembroke Student …

  • … will think before they speak and look before they leap.

  • … strives for their very best in everything they do.

  • … is kind, considerate and a fierce friend to those around them.

  • … leads when others follow.

  • … is someone whose behaviour is unfalteringly good: with no exceptions.

If you think you demonstrate these qualities, perhaps Pembroke House is for you!

Miss Rachel Eveling
Head of Pembroke House

YOur Tutors

Your Tutors are your first port of call and are there to support you throughout your school career at Trafalgar.  You can always speak to your Tutor at Tutor time or email them with any worries or concerns you have, or indeed to share the fantastic things you do out of school!

Mrs Lucie Harris

Mr Chris Oades

Miss Courtney Churchward

Miss Christie Whitehorn

Miss  ClairePike

Mr Jon Godfrey

Mr Mark Mackinlay

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

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