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If you feel unsafe, worried or scared there are many different places to get help.  Please always tell us if you need this help.  If you would like to let us know anonymously then you can email  If you prefer to talk to someone, then choose the member of staff you trust the most and let them know what is happening.  it can be anyone - they have all been trained and know what to do.  if they think it is something which needs more serious help, they will pass it to Mrs Faulkner  (Designated Safeguarding Lead) or Mrs Dawson (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.   You will always be listened to, you will always be helped.


If students have any bullying-related concerns you can email  If parents have any concerns, they should contact their child's tutor in the first instance.


Remember we have counselling support within the school and, even when we are not in school, we have online sessions provided by our counsellor Emma Lawson or a listening ear service provided by Macayla Beckett from Student Services. Contact Mrs Faulkner to access these services.

The school Nursing Service is going to provide online drop-in sessions during lockdown - more details to follow soon.


Click on the organisation images below to visit their websites.  If you have any worries that are not covered by the organisations below, please contact your Tutor or Head of House so we can help you feel better and get support quickly.

I am stressed or anxious

Stop Breathe Think.jpg
Young Minds (2).jpg
NHS Ninja.jpg

I need information or to talk to someone about my mental health

Young Minds (2).jpg
On Your Mind.jpg

I don't feel safe

Child Line.jpg

I want advice about healthy eating & fitness

NHS Healthy Eating.jpg
Joe Wicks.jpg

I need specialist health advice

Chat health.jpg

I am self-harming or thinking about it

Calm harm.jpg

I have lost someone close to me and need support

Child Bereavement.jpg

I have an eating disorder

Beat Eating Disorders.jpg

I want to stop smoking


I want some information on LGBTQ issues


I want some more information on transgender support


I am being bullied

Anti Bullying Alliance.jpg

I am a young carer

Carer Support.jpg
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