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Being Active

Being active is something which impacts hugely on our mental health.  It does not just mean doing something physical either.  Being active mentally with challenges for our brain has been scientifically proven to help us live longer, happier lives as well.

Think of your body as a muscle which needs regular exercise and training but also think of your brain in the same way.  The positivity and sense of achievement which we can all feel when we push ourselves to do something new and different will support us through more challenge times.

Make sure you have a go to activity which keeps you mentally or physically active and improves your mood.

read on to see what we do at Trafalgar to support this and for some extra ideas on how you can find that activity ...

Be Active

Regular physical activity is associated with a greater sense of wellbeing and lower rates of depression and anxiety.  There are many sports and activities which you can do in either short bursts of 10 minutes (as mood lifters) or longer, more regular, amounts of time.

Find a sport in school which you like and decide how you can keep doing it outside of your lessons.  Find a  club out of school which interests you.  Set yourself a challenge such as Couch to 5K - and see it through!

Be More Active

This year we will be offering these opportunities to support you being more active:

looking at active lifestyle awareness ideas and publicising these

continuing to review our co-curricular offer and offering a wider range of opportunities to all students

couch to 5k

activities week

The great big walk

working with families to encourage family fitness ideas and challenges

discussing a scheme to give our students special rates at the local gym

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